Time To Make A Change

Are you happy with the way things age going in your life?  Often times I meet people that are not happy with the current path in their life.  They know they need to make a change they just don’t know how.  Start small.  A small change is always easier the a major life change. What is a small change? I may want to lose weight, make more money, exercise more, work less etc…

Those are all noble goals, but they are a big undertaking.  So why not start with not putting your self down in your mind or verbally.  This is a small change that can lead to all the other major changes you want to make

Live Life

Have you ever watched children play?  They  throw their whole selves into the activity.  They run and laugh with total abandon.  Their laughter and exuberance is contagious, and soon you are smiling and laughing.  In our daily striving for success and attaining our goal we forget to simply live life.  I am all about goal and working the plan to get to them.  But if you don’t have any joy in your journey, then what is the use. Continue reading Live Life

How To End Your Work Day

We have all read the books on how to organize our lives.  We could all talk about great management tips and tricks.  But at the end of the day, do you really think you have gotten done what you needed to do; did you accomplish what you wanted to do?  If you are like a lot of people, it seems like a majority of days are not as productive as we would like.  So where do we start to change this? It all starts at the end of your work day. Continue reading How To End Your Work Day

Age is Merely A Number

I am not writing this from experience but rather observation.  A person who is getting older doesn’t mean they have to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by. I have seen my own father change his life.  At the age of 65 he began making big changes in his life and now at 71 is living life better than the firs 65 years.  The changes he made were major.  He effectively changes habits that he had for 50 years. Continue reading Age is Merely A Number

4 Phrases that Will Stop Your Success

We talk and say things every day, all day. But what are you really saying, are you really conscientious of what words you are saying. My recent motto is “words mean something” and the words coming out of your mouth mean something. So are the words you are speaking positive or negative? Do you realize that you could be stunting growth in areas of your life because of what you are saying? Let me explain. Continue reading 4 Phrases that Will Stop Your Success